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Origem do disco: germany
Título em português: “Topázio”
Observações: Também incluído áudio PT-BR; Vendido como item integrante do box “Alfred Hitchcock: The Masterpiece Collection”, com os seguintes filmes e especificações: “Sabotador” (Saboteur – 1942) áudio e legenda PT-BR; “A Sombra de Uma Dúvida” (Shadow of a Doubt -1943) áudio e legenda PT-BR; “Festim Diabólico” (Rope – 1948) áudio e legenda PT-BR; “Janela Indiscreta” (Rear Window – 1954) legenda PT-PT; “O Terceiro Tiro” (The Trouble with Harry – 1955) áudio e legenda PT-BR; “O Homem Que Sabia Demais” (The Man Who Knew Too Much – 1956) legenda PT-PT; “Um Corpo Que Cai” (Vertigo – 1958) legenda PT-PT; “Psicose” (Psycho – 1960) legenda PT-PT; “Os Pássaros” (The Birds – 1963) legenda PT-PT; “Marnie: Confissões de Uma Ladra” (Marnie – 1964) áudio e legenda PT-BR; “Cortina Rasgada” (Torn Curtain – 1966) áudio e legenda PT-BR; “Topázio” (Topaz – 1969) áudio e legenda PT-BR; “Frenesi” (Frenzy – 1972) áudio e legenda PT-BR; “Trama Macabra” (Family Plot – 1976) áudio e legenda PT-BR.
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  1. Olona disse:

    This is my first blu-ray player, and first Vizio pdocurt. I have it connected to my Insignia 42 1080p 120Hz LCD via HDMI. The TV runs the sound via optical cable back to an older Yamaha 5.1 channel receiver hooked to a pair of Martin Logan SL3 s and Cinema center channel. I’m on a limited budget for our entertainment system (except the speakers! I’ve had them a while) so while looking for a blu-ray I didn’t want a lot of extras such as wi-fi, etc, but something that would upscale my old DVD’s and of course play blu-ray’s reliably. First, the player looks great. It is much smaller than other player’s I’ve seen. It looks more expensive that it is. One minor annoyance for some reason the factory put a long strip of cardboardy type advertising along the top of the player. Not a big deal. But, it was put on with double stick tape that was VERY hard to get off. I had to work at it for several minutes and it left a little residue which I had to remove. I’ve only played one regular DVD so I don’t have much experience with the upscaling, but that one DVD was very acceptable. I have played several blu-ray discs, such as Avatar, Dark Knight, Casino Royale, Bucket List, and Wild China. Every DISC has loaded within 20 to 40 seconds, with the exception of Avatar which was rented and the DISC was very dirty. After a quick clean it loaded normally. I’m not a videophile, but I do appreciate a good picture, and I have not owned another player to compare against, so my only comments on the blu-ray format are WOW. Another bonus with this player is the integrated applications. The interface is simple but very effective. You must connect the player to the internet through the hard wired connection (no wi-fi for $99!) and you’ll have access to Netflix, VuDu, Pandora, Flickr, Facebook, etc. I connected to my Pandora account and had access to my stations cool. You get two free movie rentals through VUDU for purchasing the player, I watched one movie and was very impressed. My home internet connection speed would only play the lowest resolution movies, but it looked great! A pleasant surprise. My only real complaint about this player is the remote control. The buttons are VERY hard to press. For those who have a universal remote this will not be a problem as they will program it in and toss this aside. For $99 at my local Walmart I am very pleased with this purchase and whole heartedly recommend this player, especially if it is your first player and you have a wired internet connection available (if you want to use the built in apps).

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